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How we make your event
Discoverable with Adnyq

Indexing in Adnyq

We will be Indexing your Event Website in Adnyq (based upon it's applicability) and will be removed from Adnyq once it is successfully concluded. We do this because, as a business, we have to look forward and plan as per the opportunities for the future, no one would be liking to get information about an event which has already happened.

Listing in Adnyq Discover

We will be listing the Event under the Business Events section of Adnyq Discover. Doing this, your event will be promoted directly to the interested businesses who could join you either as an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor. With us, you would be gaining immense traffic without wasting thousands of advertising dollars.

Recommendations through Adnyq Services

As we offer our information Consulting Service, we will be promoting your event by directly recommending to the potential businesses who might find interest in your event. Through this, we help your event gets promoted directly to the most potential stakeholders.


How Indexing of Event Website works

As Adnyq is built for providing safe, secure & private experience, so our first step is to verify the eligibility of your event website to be Indexed as per our Indexing Policy. You can initiate the Step 1 either via the Step 1 Form or via online chat. After receiving your inputs on which event website your want to Index, we will verify it and revert you back (via email or chat based upon your preference) within few minutes. If it is eligibile, you will be provided with the access link to complete the Step 2 or if it is ineligible, then we will state you the reason(s) for that as well.
At Step 2, you have to select your preferred Indexing Plan. We are offering two variants under the Global Indexing Plans. Based upon your selection, you have to complete the payment. You can pay via Credit or Debit Card or PayPal. After successful payment, you will be redirected to Step 3 where you have to create an account on Adnyq Console.
After successfully completing the payment, now you will have to create an account on Adnyq Indexing Console. Kindly use the same email ID you entered during the Indexing process. With Adnyq Console, you can manage your Indexing; access Leads & Deals related to your event; make configurational changes; avail our Business Information Consulting Service for FREE; access invoice & billing; connect with us for help and do other relevant tasks.
After creating your account, you will find the Indexing Configuration Form in your account in which you have to configure the Indexing properties of your event website. These properties & settings include autocomplete search suggestions, webpages to be prioritized or to be ignored, whether you to wish to enroll this event website for Business Information Consulting Service Program, whether you wish to receive leads & deals generated via our network in your Adnyq Indexing Console account and other relevant questions to make our platform works at it's potential for your business and achieve the goal of growing your business organically & globally.
After successfully Indexing your Event Website. You will be able to access leads & deals related to your event whether it is related to attendance, sponsorships or exhibition.
Please note, after successful conclusion of your event:
  • Your account on the Adnyq Console will be deleted
  • Your event website will be removed from Adnyq Index
  • Listing of your event on Business Events will also be removed
  • Your event will not be recommended under our Business Information Consulting Service Program
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