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Indexing Plans For Adnyq Netherlands

1 Year Plan: €179 €79

If you wish to Index your website for 1 Year only, then this plan is well-suited for you. You can renew this plan after it's expiry or switch to other plan as well.

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Lifetime Plan: €309 €129

Your website will be Indexed for Lifetime under this Indexing Plan and hence no payment or any sort of other fee would be charged anytime in the future.

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Indexing for Lifetime + 100% Refund: €629 €189

Under this Indexing Plan, your website will be Indexed for Lifetime and you will get
100% Refund (of the amount you paid) after 25 Months.

This Lifetime + 100% Refund Plan is valid only till 31st July 2023. From 1st August 2022 onwards, this specific pricing will get expired.

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