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You don't have to pay any advertising fee, commission or any other fee to grow your business with Adnyq

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We simply charge
one-time Indexing Fee
for Indexing each website


Why we ask Indexing Fee ?

When a particular platform is FREE, lots of spam, fake, malicious and other sort of threats & garbages erupt on the platform which can directly or indirectly adversly affect the experience of the customers.
We only ask for one-time Indexing Fee which is asked for simply Indexing your website in the Adnyq Search Index which will organically promote your website without billing you thousands of dollars.
As we are not asking hundreds or thousands of dollars but taking this small one-time Indexing Fee, helps us to verify the legality of your business.
As we have built Adnyq as a completely ad-free secure search Platform and Indexing Fee plays a vital role to support this feature.

How Adnyq operates ?

Global Platform

Adnyq Global is built to serve business customers coming from anywhere around the world.

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Local Platforms

Adnyq operates 15 local platforms to serve business customers in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, UK & USA.

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