Pricing Plans for Indexing Event Websites in
Adnyq Global

You don't have to pay any advertising fee, commission or any other fee to promote your event with Adnyq Global.

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Index your event website in every Adnyq Global and in every country where Adnyq operates

If your event is applicable for participants globally then you can index your event website in Adnyq Global and in every country where Adnyq operates locally.
    Means, you event website will be Indexed in Adnyq Global and in
  • Adnyq Australia,
  • Adnyq Canada,
  • Adnyq France,
  • Adnyq Germany,
  • Adnyq India,
  • Adnyq Ireland,
  • Adnyq Italy,
  • Adnyq Japan,
  • Adnyq Netherland,
  • Adnyq New Zealand,
  • Adnyq Singapore,
  • Adnyq South Korea,
  • Adnyq UAE,
  • Adnyq UK &
  • Adnyq USA

You can choose the number of countries where you want your event website to be Indexed.
Also, we are offering Discounts of up to 70% on our Global Indexing Plans, which is valid till 31st July 2022 only. From 1st August 2022 onwards, the pricing will be resumed to the original ones.

Global Indexing Plans for Event Websites

Per Day Plan: $1,149 $299

You can get your event website Indexed in Adnyq through this Per Day Plan. For e.g., if you want to get your event website Indexed in Adnyq for 10 days, you would be charged $2,990.

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Per Event Plan: $14,999 $4,999

If you want to Index your event website for more than 10 days like for 4 weeks or 4 months, then you can opt for our Pay Per Event otpion. For 4 Weeks, 4 months or even for 1 Year, you will be charged only $4,999.

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